Animalcare Group plc
Unit 7,
10 Great North Way,
York Business Park,
YO26 6RB

Registered Company number: 1058015

Link Asset Services,
The Registry,
34 Benkenham Road,

Tel: 0871 664 0300

Online: www.signalshares.com

Email: shareholder.services@linkgroup.co.uk

If you hold the shares directly, please contact the Registrar, Link Asset Services, to arrange any changes.
If you hold the shares through a Nominee account with your stockbroker, you will need to contact the broker to make any changes.

Yes. Animalcare currently pay both an interim and final dividend (subject to shareholder approval), usually in July and November. The latest dividend information is included in the Group's results annoucement. Persons registered as shareholders on the record date will be paid the declared dividend, even if they have already sold some or all of their Animalcare shares.

By signing up to our e-mail alert service. See Investor Alert.

An electronic version of our Annual Report is available on-line at Reports and Accounts . If you would like a hard copy then please send a request to investors@animalcare.co.uk

Any shareholders who directly own their shares will automatically receive a copy of the Annual Report or notification that the Annual Report is available on our website, together with a proxy voting form for the AGM resolutions. If you have purchased Animalcare shares through a stockbroker, the broker may hold shares on your behalf through a nominee account. Voting rights are not automatic when shares are held via a Nominee, it is dependant on the broker and the holding arrangement.

Under the Financial Services andf Markets Act 2000, we are not authorised to provide advice to investors on share dealing. For advice on dealing, please contact your stockbroker or independent financial adviser.