Our Purpose

Animalcare is a sustainable and passionate organisation committed to leading in animal health through innovative and trusted products and services to support the veterinary profession. We care about the well-being of animals and the positive impact that healthy animals have on their owners and society.

Our Group at a Glance

We have direct commercial presence in seven European countries, with product sales in 32 markets. Animalcare is a partner for companies selling into and across Europe.

Our Companies

We operate in seven countries, each responsible for their respective sales and marketing activities. Our principal operating subsidiaries are as follows:

  • Ecuphar NV
  • Ecuphar BV
  • Ecuphar GmbH
  • Ecuphar Veterinaria SLU
  • Ecuphar Italia Srl
  • Belphar Lda
  • Animalcare Ltd

Revenue % by country